Congresswoman Speier stands with Filipino veterans and widows at a press conference
in Daly City announcing the introduciton of the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act

Congresswoman Speier introduced the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act for the third time in June 2015. These war heroes deserve the benefits the U.S. government solemnly vowed they would receive. Unfortunately, we are running out of time. Filipino veterans are dying at the rate of ten per day and their average age is 85. The time to act is now.

During World War II, 200,000 Filipinos volunteered to fight alongside American troops. They were citizens of a commonwealth of the U.S. before and during the war and President Franklin D. Roosevelt promised them the same benefits afforded to U.S. Armed Forces. However, in 1946 Congress passed the Rescission Act and stripped many Filipinos of the benefits. Of the 66 countries allied with the U.S., only Filipino veterans were denied benefits.

Congresswoman Speier believes we have a sacred obligation to provide quality health care and compensation to veterans with service-connected disabilities. Over the last two years, she helped Bay Area veterans receive over $4 million in compensation for their service injuries. She has co-sponsored two Veterans Fix-It events that brings the VA and veterans together to resolve issues that are delaying claims. She also sponsors opportunities for veterans to meet with employers who want to hire veterans and is a strong supporter of educational benefits for veterans.



Congresswomen Jackie Speier and Barbara Lee listen to veterans
at the second Fix-It Event in San Francisco on April 19, 2013.


The Congresswoman is a national advocate for reforming how the military prosecutes perpetrators of military sexual trauma (MST). She believes these MST cases which the military acknowledges have reached epidemic proportions must be handled by objective experts in prosecution, investigation and victim care and not by united commands where rank and friendships may taint decisions. Her reforms are contained in the STOP Act.

Jackie serves on the Armed Services Committee and is a member of the Readiness and Oversight and Investigations subcommittees. The Readiness Subcommittee makes sure that our troops are properly trained and their equipment is properly maintained so they can succeed in their missions, and that they have the facilities and services they deserve when they return home. On Oversight and Investigations, she and her colleagues conduct studies and investigations into allegations of waste, fraud, abuse, and wrongdoing and inefficiencies within the Department of Defense.  


Sexual Assault Training Oversight and Prevention Act (STOP Act)
The Sexual Assault Training Oversight and Prevention Act, or STOP Act, aims to fundamentally change how sexual assault is handled in the military by taking prosecution, reporting, oversight, investigation and victim care of sexual assaults out of the hands of the normal chain of command and placing jurisdiction in the hands of impartial experts.

Disabled Veterans Nutrition Fairness Act
The Disabled Veterans Nutrition Fairness Act will enable veterans to file for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance benefits under disability status while their disability claims are pending at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Filipino Veterans Fairness Act
The Filipino Veterans Fairness Act would make all WWII Filipino veterans eligible for benefits similar to those received by all WWII U.S. veterans.