Speier Statement on Debt Bill


Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA) tonight released the following statement after voting for the Budget Control Act.

“I said from the very beginning that tying our nation’s full faith and credit to a controversial deficit reduction proposal was a mistake. Congress had to raise the debt ceiling to ensure the United States continued to meet its obligations. I believed the best way forward was to lift the debt ceiling with no strings attached and I voted for such a bill in May. This deal is full of strings and in some ways ties our future in knots. Nonetheless, I had to vote to stave off economic disaster tonight. Country must always come before party.

“In the months ahead, as a result of this deal, Congress will have to make some tough decisions on deficit reduction. I will continue to insist on a balanced approach that protects seniors and other vulnerable populations and asks millionaires and corporations to pay their fair share. In addition, we must address an even greater crisis—the jobs deficit.

“Our country will not default and I am grateful for that. But just not being a deadbeat is nothing to celebrate. In the future, we must do better.”