Jackie in the News

2 Investigates: Child poisonings from e-cigarette liquid spikes November 13, 2014
Far from home, but never forgotten: Veterans Day at Golden Gate Cemetery draws families, military supporters November 12, 2014
Company developing Ebola vaccine: South City’s Vaxart is working on pill to eradicate disease November 06, 2014
Congresswoman: Silicon Valley CEOs Should Sleep In Shelters To Get A Grip On Poverty Issue November 05, 2014
Struggling in the shadow of Silicon Valley wealth November 04, 2014
Congresswoman: Response to football recruiting sins 'inadequate' November 03, 2014
Judge rules against park ranger who used stun gun on dog walker October 10, 2014
Lassen official retires amid calls for investigation October 09, 2014
CVS illegally charging women for generic birth control September 26, 2014
CVS Will Refund 11,000 Customers Illegally Charged for Birth Control September 25, 2014
Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training for Congressional Staff? September 23, 2014
Paying a co-pay for your birth control? It may be an illegal charge September 23, 2014
Under the Affordable Care Act, More Women Then Ever Have Free Access to Contraception September 22, 2014
Senator Feinstein Joins Calls for NFL 49ers to Suspend McDonald September 21, 2014
Amid Doubt, House Votes to Arm and Train Syrian Rebels September 18, 2014
Democratic rep calls for resignation of NFL commissioner September 18, 2014
Bay Area Dems dissent from House vote to aid Syrian rebels September 18, 2014
Bill would require scholars to disclose foreign cash September 18, 2014
House backs Obama’s Syria plan September 17, 2014
85 Democrats buck Obama in ISIS vote September 17, 2014
Senate Ready for CR Vote, as Larger Syria Debate Awaits September 17, 2014
Campus sexual assault: UC panel says standardize response, punishment September 17, 2014
House Dem slams NFL’s ‘deafening silence’ on domestic violence September 17, 2014
Proposal Would Require Think Tanks to Disclose Funding by Foreign Governments September 17, 2014
Our View: It’s time for state’s top utilities regulator to move on August 14, 2014
Jackie Speier tours Menlo Park companies August 14, 2014
Jonestown remains' discovery reopens wounds in Bay Area August 09, 2014
In San Bruno Gas Blast Case, Cozy Emails Between Judge and Defendant August 04, 2014
Science Magazine Apologizes to Congresswoman for Sexist Cover Image August 01, 2014
Bill Would Require Disclosure Of More College Rape Investigations August 01, 2014
San Bruno mayor calls for top official's removal from blast probe July 28, 2014
Congresswoman Slams Science Magazine for Transphobic, Sexist Cover July 27, 2014
Darrell Issa Concedes No Wrongdoing By White House Office, Pushes Subpoena Anyway July 25, 2014
Jackie Speier seeks answers to VA problems July 22, 2014
Will campus sexual-assault probes affect enrollment? July 16, 2014
VA Palo Alto Health Care System criticized at town hall July 07, 2014
Bill would give separation pay to service members discharged under DADT July 01, 2014
Dem bill would ban marketing of e-cigarettes toward kids June 30, 2014
Conference to call for action to address inevitable sea level rise June 24, 2014
E-cig update: FDA extends public comment on new proposed e-cigarette rules June 23, 2014
California lawmaker wants to extend tobacco regulations to e-cigarettes, citing danger to kids June 20, 2014
Congresswoman introducing bill to ban flavors in e-cigs June 20, 2014
CCSF supporters press for extension to fix problems May 15, 2014
Remove commanders from sex assault decisions May 12, 2014
Taxpayers shocked Social Security took money for old debts May 09, 2014
House panel OKs $601 billion defense bill May 08, 2014
How is your life different from your mother's? May 08, 2014
Sexual Harassment Training for Congress: No Mandate, but Wise Idea May 05, 2014
Congresswomen urge Dirks to improve campus sexual assault prevention and response May 05, 2014
House passes funding for expanded sexual harassment training May 01, 2014
What If Prospective Students Chose Their College Based On How It Handles Rape? April 30, 2014
White House to Press Colleges to Do More to Combat Rape April 28, 2014
Could College Rankings Solve the Campus Rape Crisis? April 28, 2014
Feds Probe How UC Berkeley, Other Colleges Handle Reports Of Sexual Assaults April 23, 2014
Cal sexual-assault victims share stories April 17, 2014
Oakland airport workers learn how to identify human trafficking victims April 16, 2014
Oakland airport workers trained to spot sex traffickers April 16, 2014
Students, Lawmakers Take Stand Against Sexual Violence at UC Berkeley April 15, 2014
Congresswomen lend support to Cal sexual assault victims April 15, 2014
Congresswomen meet with Dirks, student sexual assault survivors on campus April 15, 2014
Congresswoman urges better protections against campus sexual assault April 15, 2014
Could Social Media Help Catch Abuse of Disability Benefits? April 09, 2014
The House Of Representatives Doesn’t Require Any Sexual Harassment Training April 09, 2014
Rep. Jackie Speier Calls for Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training — for Congress April 09, 2014
Rep. wants mandatory sexual harassment trainings for House April 09, 2014
Rep. Speier proposes sexual harassment training for the House of Representatives April 08, 2014
Democrat: Congress 'is not a frat house' April 08, 2014
Pentagon not properly tracking ‘revolving door’ data, report says April 07, 2014
Be aware but not informed about military sexual assault April 07, 2014
Health Connector executive testifies to Congress April 04, 2014
SF Bay Area lawmaker’s request for hearing on Medicare fraud by hospital chain granted April 04, 2014
MNsure chief defends state's health exchange before U.S. House committee April 03, 2014
Devil's Slide Trail -- the best views on the coast April 01, 2014
E-cigarettes: A benefit or health risk?: Congress called to regulate, industry representatives frustrated April 01, 2014
Federal 'Revenge Porn' Bill Will Seek to Shrivel Booming Internet Fad March 26, 2014
Lawmakers press Army on disgraced general's retirement March 25, 2014
Lawyer: General may retire at current rank despite plea March 24, 2014
Military justice system still needs reform March 24, 2014
Could Congress have changed the outcome of two high profile cases of military sexual assault? Maybe. March 24, 2014
General Fined, Not Jailed or Demoted, in Sex Case March 20, 2014
County targets human trafficking: U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, others unveil new protocol March 18, 2014
San Mateo County: Speier, police unveil anti-human-trafficking program March 17, 2014
Military sex assault charges dwindle away March 17, 2014
Rep. Jackie Speier doesn't mince words March 17, 2014
House panel considers Internet sales tax compromise March 12, 2014
Speier calls on Hagel to screen sex assault counselors March 12, 2014
Jackie Speier: Darrell Issa like ‘toddler in a sandlot’ March 05, 2014
Congresswoman addresses plight of the hardworking Americans left behind in this country February 28, 2014
Army disqualifies 588 soldiers after sexual assault review February 26, 2014
Working poor's plight a major issue in year's campaigns February 23, 2014
Officials aim to stop human trafficking: Latest effort focuses on outreach, enforcement February 12, 2014
Congresswoman Spends Night In A Shelter To Learn More About Homelessness February 11, 2014
Lawmakers Pressure The U.S. Government To Get Better At Cracking Down On Campus Rape February 10, 2014
Congresswoman Jackie Speier visits SF State, encourages students to enroll in healthcare February 07, 2014
Public Officials Take Steps for Transparency in Sexual Assault Reporting February 07, 2014
Congresswoman sleeps in a homeless shelter February 06, 2014
Bruce Maiman: More candy for the sugar industry in recently approved farm bill February 04, 2014
Residents howl about GGNRA dog management plan February 04, 2014
Off-leash dog plan in GGNRA decried by San Mateo County dog owners, Rep. Speier January 31, 2014
Critics call for more oversight of California accreditation panel January 26, 2014
Government spying affects all of us January 24, 2014
Rep. Jackie Speier calls for unemployment benefits extension January 23, 2014
Pelosi, Lee and Speier tout women's agenda in San Francisco January 22, 2014
City College of San Francisco wins round in accreditation battle January 13, 2014
Congresswoman wants pensions for top brass rolled back January 10, 2014
Campaign to End Gun Violence Starts with Women January 06, 2014
FDA seeks anti-‘superbug’ bill December 12, 2013
Naval Academy rape case could prompt changes to military hearings December 12, 2013
A woman who channels pain into solutions December 10, 2013
US representative meets with student-veterans about easing transition from military December 10, 2013
Peninsula conference focuses on sea level rise December 09, 2013
San Mateo County holds summit on sea level rise December 09, 2013
Sea level rise focus of conference: Federal, state, local officials to highlight potential impact on San Mateo County December 07, 2013
Memo to Bay Area Sea Rise Planners: Situation Serious But Not Hopeless December 06, 2013
Federal resolution opposing "ex-gay" therapy is introduced December 05, 2013
Harman: 'You need to fight for what you want' December 04, 2013
Calif. congresswoman reintroduces resolution targeting reparative therapy December 04, 2013
Army Colonel Seeking “Ugly” Women For Ads Because They’re Perceived as More Competent By Monica Bielanko | November 30th, 2013 at 7:56 pm Share 1 0 0 0 Iraqi FreedomThere’s a lot of talk about the better looking a person is, the m November 30, 2013
The Forgotten, Non-Kool-Aid-Drinking Victims of the Jonestown Massacre November 18, 2013
Relatives Remember Jonestown, 35 Years After the Killings November 18, 2013
US Navy Bribery Scandal Expected To Widen November 16, 2013
Lawmakers take aim at sexual assault in military November 13, 2013
Accrediting commission threatening to shutter City College gets scrutiny from Congress November 12, 2013
Rep. Speier calls for federal accreditation reform, citing CCSF debacle November 07, 2013
Speier, Eshoo enter City College fray, SF Chronicle November 07, 2013
On the move November 05, 2013
Controversial gun show returns to Daly City's Cow Palace November 01, 2013
Combat veterans' art opens dialogue on war October 28, 2013
Physician Self Referrals May Be Cut By Bill To Narrow Stark October 22, 2013
Park Service not around to hear from dog lovers October 22, 2013
Wilkerson says ‘politics’ led to his dismissal; critics call it slap on wrist October 21, 2013
Lt. col. granted clemency in sex assault case to retire as major October 17, 2013
San Mateo boot camp draws job seekers October 17, 2013
Rep. Speier blasts House members who live rent free in their offices October 16, 2013
Some in Congress won't accept paychecks October 09, 2013
Obamacare’s foes impose tyranny of minority October 08, 2013
Wind turbine blade manufacturer hiring at whirlwind rate October 08, 2013
Government shutdown a “dreamland” for enemies that want to steal our Nations secrets, says Rep. Speier October 05, 2013
Mayor Declares State of Emergency Over PG&E's Refusal to Shut Down Gas Line 147 October 04, 2013
Wind industry could lose its tax credits October 03, 2013
Shutdown has lawmakers humbling down with basic tasks like guiding tours, opening mail October 03, 2013
Networking events for job seekers October 02, 2013
Small (Minded) Government Hurts Women September 30, 2013
Lawmakers: No more character attacks on victims of military sexual assault September 27, 2013
Lawmakers urge Obama to end Article 32 grilling of sex assault victims September 27, 2013
Anti-PPACA states cannot sabotage navigators September 26, 2013
Food stamp cuts a cruel proposal September 23, 2013
GOP To Poor: Let Them Eat Cake September 21, 2013
Food Stamps Cut: Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) Calls Out GOP Over Cuts with Steak and Vodka (VIDEO) September 21, 2013
Feast or Famine: Rep. Jackie Speier Uses Caviar as a Prop Against GOP Bill Limiting Food Stamps September 21, 2013
WE ARE ALL STEAK HOLDERS September 21, 2013
U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier blasts food stamp vote: House of Representatives passes 5 percent cut to program September 21, 2013
Jackie Speier Protests Food Stamp Cuts With Steak, Vodka, Caviar September 20, 2013
Jackie Speier Protests Food Stamp Cuts With Steak, Vodka, Caviar September 20, 2013
[WATCH] Calif. lawmaker uses steak, caviar, vodka in speech to hit GOP on food stamps September 20, 2013
Lawmaker Tears Apart Anti-Food Stamp Republicans with Grade A Props September 20, 2013
Rep. Jackie Speier Hoists Vodka and Caviar in Congress to Drive Home Message About Food Stamps September 20, 2013
Rep. Jackie Speier Scolds Republicans for Lavish Trips While Trying to Cut Food Stamps (Video) September 20, 2013
Congresswoman outs GOP, saying they slash food stamps while dining out September 20, 2013
Congresswoman Battles $40 Billion Food Stamp Cuts With Vodka, Caviar; Calif. Rep. Jackie Speier Points To Needless Spending 'Under The Guise Of Official Business' [VIDEO] September 20, 2013
House GOP votes to cut $39 billion from food stamp program In Plain Sight September 20, 2013
Rep. Speier holds up vodka and steak on House floor to shame food stamp opponents September 20, 2013
House votes to cut nearly $4B from yearly food stamps funding and implementing new work requirements for recipients September 20, 2013
House votes to slash $39 billion from food stamps September 20, 2013
Colyer testifies on federal health changes September 20, 2013
House Republicans' Latest Obamacare Freakout: Identity Theft! September 20, 2013
Congresswoman Uses Steak, Vodka, And Caviar To Hammer Republicans On Food Stamp Cuts September 19, 2013
Budget impasse will have ‘devastating’ result September 19, 2013
San Mateo County Supervisors Reject Part of Amendment Allowing Sheriff’s Office to Sell Old Guns September 18, 2013
Selling used guns on the agenda for San Mateo County sheriff September 18, 2013
Veterans Affairs does about-face, working OT to fix benefits backlog September 16, 2013
VA finally making progress on benefits claims backlog September 12, 2013
Exclusive: Pipeline Safety Chief Says His Regulatory Process Is 'Kind of Dying' September 12, 2013
Nancy Pelosi a “team player” on Syria September 11, 2013
San Bruno remembers: Ceremony marks three-year anniversary of fire; PG&E announces settlements September 10, 2013
National Arts & Education Week: Promotion for the Arts September 09, 2013
Accuser Kimberly Hanks takes on Air Force September 09, 2013
Speier Visits Dog Park Fundraising Event in Half Moon Bay September 09, 2013
Speier harvests opinion on Coastside farm tour September 05, 2013
Hotline On the Hill September 01, 2013
Help in the fields: Farmer workers push for program reform August 31, 2013
Photos: Lunch n’ Learn With Congresswoman Jackie Speier August 29, 2013
SF Zoo’s Baby Gorilla Has “A Little Accident” On US Representative Jackie Speier August 24, 2013
Naming Contest Underway For Baby Gorilla At San Francisco Zoo August 24, 2013
Facebook donates free laptops to East Palo Alto students on first day of school August 24, 2013
New military assault rules just "repackaging," Rep. Speier says August 19, 2013
Speier: ‘Jury is still out’ on Snowden August 19, 2013
Speier: DOD reforms are 'baby steps' August 19, 2013
Jackie Speier doesn't think Pentagon's new sexual assault policies go far enough August 19, 2013
Speier: Military Assault Rules Don't Go Far Enough August 19, 2013
Hagel aims to blunt Obama remarks on military sexual assault August 16, 2013
Pentagon’s sex-assault response plan gets mixed reviews August 16, 2013
Pentagon announces plan to combat sexual assault August 15, 2013
Sexual Assault in the Military: Secretary of Defense Hagel Outlines New Policies to Curb Problem August 15, 2013
Pentagon’s Sexual Assault Policies Greeted With Care August 15, 2013
Pentagon Addresses Sexual Assault, but Some in Congress Are Skeptical August 15, 2013
Sales Online Prompt Gun-Control Groups Against Internet August 14, 2013
Playing Post Office August 09, 2013
President Obama MIA on military sexual assault? August 08, 2013
Tampa socialite Jill Kelley: The saga continues August 07, 2013
United States: Bill Introduced To Narrow Stark Exception For In-Office Services August 07, 2013
How Many Ways Can You Pillory THUD? August 05, 2013
Mills High students escalate campaign to get AP tests scored August 03, 2013
Pathologists Applaud Legislation to Prohibit Physician Self-Referral of Anatomic Pathology August 01, 2013
Members of Congress receive skimpy sexual harassment training August 01, 2013
Lawmakers Order POW/MIA Office to Fix Problems August 01, 2013
Congress, Experts Question Legality of Obamacare Exchange Subsidies August 01, 2013
Obama To Meet With Lawmakers On NSA Surveillance July 31, 2013
McCain threatens to halt funding for ‘unproven’ new Navy vessel July 31, 2013
Obama Defends Summers in Meetings With Lawmakers July 31, 2013
Republican 10-Bill Assault on Waste Is Pretext to Agenda July 28, 2013
Battle continues over sex assault in the military July 26, 2013
GAO: Navy Must Test LCS Before Full-Rate Pace July 26, 2013
House Passes Bill Investigating Discharges of Military Sexual Assault Survivors July 25, 2013
Gillibrand compares military opposition to anti-sexual assault measures to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell July 24, 2013
House OKs bill to aid military sex-assault victims July 24, 2013
State Agency Getting Spanked Over Gas Pipeline Safety July 24, 2013
House votes to give more support to sex assault victims, improve investigations July 24, 2013
Buffalo Soldier history could get a boost in national parks July 22, 2013
The long wait for VA compensation July 22, 2013
Bankrupting America launches campaign to curb government waste July 19, 2013
Lawmakers concerned new carbon metric developed in secret July 18, 2013
Agencies pledge IT readiness for Obamacare July 18, 2013
Pentagon takes Round One in sex-assault fight July 17, 2013
Bill aims to aid jailed sex slave victims July 15, 2013
Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Speier tour Asiana crash site in California July 12, 2013
NTSB’s Hersman wins plaudits in Asiana aftermath July 08, 2013
After 2 decades of sexual assault in military, no real change in message July 07, 2013
Allen's Emails Raise Questions in Post-Marine Role July 02, 2013
Private lives of generals laid bare July 02, 2013
Lawmaker: Reopen probe into Gen. Allen, Jill Kelley emails July 01, 2013
Lawmaker: Pentagon probe of general's e-mails faulty June 30, 2013
Lawmakers want Wilkerson kicked out of the Air Force June 28, 2013
Military Enforcement June 27, 2013
Jackie Speier offers ‘Child Handgun Safety Act’ June 27, 2013
A murder-suicide and the dark side of military recruiting June 21, 2013
Internet sales tax bill faces House showdown June 20, 2013
Yosemite's historic 'Buffalo Soldiers' up for national recognition June 18, 2013
Kirsten Gillibrand and military sexual assault: 5 things to watch June 15, 2013
Military rape victim fights defense claim that the prosecution is political June 14, 2013
House starts defense authorization work amid Dem anger over sexual assault amendments June 13, 2013
Female Senators Challenging Pentagon on Sex Assault Rules June 12, 2013
Gillibrand: ‘Culture change’ needed to end military sexual assaults June 09, 2013
Gillibrand, Speier push for sexual assault legislation June 09, 2013
Vile social media posts vex Pentagon, Congress June 05, 2013
Corps mulls making some social media pages off-limits to Marines June 05, 2013
GI sex abuse has powerful foes May 31, 2013
Marines investigated for online threats against Obama May 28, 2013
Marines punished for sexist, threatening posts May 27, 2013
Lawmakers seek middle ground with new sexual assault bill May 23, 2013
The Metastasizing Epidemic of Military Rape May 23, 2013
Rape and Winning May 23, 2013
IRS’s Lois Lerner Pleads the Fifth May 23, 2013
GI sex-assault outrage grows May 23, 2013
Military response to sex assaults slammed May 23, 2013
Humor or harassment? Marine Corps leadership targets salty Facebook sites May 21, 2013
Rep. Jackie Speier: Independent group should look into IRS May 17, 2013
Speier calls for bipartisan probe of IRS scandal May 16, 2013
Boxer, Speier Back Bills Dealing with Sexual Assault in the Military May 16, 2013
Rep. Speier: Congress an ‘enabler’ of military sexual assault May 15, 2013
Analysis: Why the military hasn't stopped sexual abuse May 15, 2013
Military sexual assault epidemic grows despite promises and proposals May 15, 2013
Speier Calls Congress ‘Enablers of Sexual Assault’ May 15, 2013
Sexism must be treated like racism, top officer says May 14, 2013
Jackie Speier Alerts Marines To 'F'N Wook' Facebook Page, Sends Letter Urging Action May 09, 2013
Facebook pulls page that denigrates female Marines May 08, 2013
Lawmakers demand military leaders curb sex assaults May 08, 2013
Military sex assault monitor accused of sex assault May 07, 2013
Senate considering bill to ban tax scofflaw contractors May 02, 2013
STOP Act Reintroduced in Congress April 25, 2013
The Sexual Assault Case That Has The Pentagon Scrambling Just Took A Surprising Twist April 25, 2013
Mercury News editorial: Cybersecurity bill CISPA tramples on Fourth Amendment rights April 24, 2013
GOP Senator Says Military Handling Of Rape Cases 'Not A Serious Problem' April 23, 2013
When military law looks the other way April 22, 2013
Boston Globe: One bombing suspect dead, manhunt for other - Britain, France: Syria used chemical weapons - Speier knocks LCS - Industry sees drone opportunities April 19, 2013
Citing Security, Critics Blast Mexican-made Border Patrol Uniforms April 18, 2013
Military sexual assault victims share heartbreak as lawmakers renew push April 18, 2013
Rep. Speier Continues Campaign to Combat Sexual Assault in Military April 17, 2013
Speier re-introduces sexual assault legislation April 17, 2013
Has the VA's Oakland office improved in a year? April 17, 2013
Lawmaker: Seniors should pay more for national parks April 17, 2013
Records: Investigation details why Army dropped rape case against police shooter April 17, 2013
Post Tech with Cecilia Kang - Online sales tax April 11, 2013
Retailers gather in Washington to ask Congress for action on online sales tax April 11, 2013
Bill introduced to recognize, remunerate Filipino WWII vets April 11, 2013
US solons introduce bill demanding full benefits for Pinoy war veterans April 11, 2013
Congresswoman Jackie Speier and Senator Brian Schatz Demand Full Benefits for Filipino WWII Veterans Who Fought for US April 10, 2013
Thousands of Bay Area residents missing out on tax credit, officials say April 10, 2013
SF City Officials And Workers Call For Equal Pay For Working Women April 10, 2013
Bay Area Legislator Calls For More Changes In How Military Deals With Convictions April 08, 2013
Obama Facing Defeat in Gun Control Fight April 03, 2013
Gun measures may be in jeopardy in Congress April 01, 2013
Gun measures may be in jeopardy in Congress April 01, 2013
‘Hallelujah’: Tom Lantos Tunnels at Devil’s Slide finally open March 26, 2013
Devil's Slide opening ceremony begins new era March 26, 2013
Editorial: VA backlog remains unacceptable March 25, 2013
Iraq invasion — Ten years later: Veterans who served now wait for services March 21, 2013
Oakland VA office shutdown called success March 21, 2013
Shapiro: Online Sales Tax Balances the Markets March 20, 2013
Congress stands in way of cuts, DoD says March 20, 2013
Speier launches Congressional Watchdog Caucus March 20, 2013
Army: DNA didn't tie cop-killer to rapes March 16, 2013
Military must handle sex assaults better March 14, 2013
Panetta: Military 'ought to be transparent' on record of man who killed Santa Cruz police officers March 14, 2013
Sexual assault survivors criticize military culture, justice system March 14, 2013
More lawmakers call for review of clemency case March 14, 2013
Bill Would Ban COs From Overturning Verdicts March 13, 2013
Accuser in Air Force sexual assault case 'frustrated' at overturned verdict March 13, 2013
Speier: Lax military led to cops' deaths March 13, 2013
Filmmaker helps lawmakers wage war against military rape March 13, 2013
NRA rejects House bill to disarm gun-owning criminals March 13, 2013
NRA rejects House bill to disarm gun-owning criminals March 12, 2013
Military’s Sexual-Assault Rules Need Review, Hagel Says March 11, 2013
Congresswoman wants probe into military's dropped charges against Santa Cruz cop killer March 11, 2013
Leon Panetta's Comment at Slain Cops' Memorial Stirs Debate March 09, 2013
Speier seeks greater funding to restore bay March 02, 2013
Local Law Enforcement and Lawmakers Speak About Death Of Santa Cruz Police Officers February 28, 2013
House Dem: LaPierre has 'lost all sense of reality' on gun control February 27, 2013
First of their kind, $439 million pair of tunnels slated to open on California coast February 27, 2013
Rep. Speier Reintroduces Bill to Study Buffalo Soldiers' Role in National Parks February 27, 2013
Lawmakers Seek Federal Funding for Bay Cleanup February 26, 2013
First of their kind, $439 million pair of tunnels slated to open on California coast February 26, 2013
Hundreds of guns collected at East Palo Alto buyback February 25, 2013
Editorial: Online tax bill would help Main Street February 24, 2013
Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s Oscar-nominated “Invisible War” has done “more than Congress” to address military rape epidemic, lawmaker says February 20, 2013
Lawmakers claim momentum in push for Internet sales tax February 14, 2013
With women in combat, will military finally address epidemic of sexual assault? January 25, 2013
Panel criticizes handling of Lackland abuse complaints January 25, 2013
Air Force Sex Scandal Prompts House Committee Hearing On Sexual Assault In Military January 24, 2013
Lawmakers touched by gun violence take debate personally January 24, 2013
Lackland Sex Scandal Gets House Hearing As Air Force Inquiry Continues January 24, 2013
Air Force chief: Scope of the Lackland sex scandal is ‘stunning’ January 24, 2013
New Gun Legislation Biproduct of President's Plan January 18, 2013
Jackie Speier: ‘We have blood on our hands’ if Congress does not pass gun safety measures January 18, 2013
Gun Plan to Test Lawmakers January 17, 2013
Speier: Congress must act on guns January 17, 2013
Obama to announce most expansive gun-control agenda in generations January 16, 2013
Obama Willing to Use Executive Orders on Guns January 16, 2013
Biden says he's been calling Newtown victims January 15, 2013
Bay Area Dems meet with Joe Biden on guns January 15, 2013
Why Is Obama Bashing a Whistleblower Law He Already Signed? January 10, 2013
Local War Veterans Find New Hope January 10, 2013
Dem. Congresswoman and shooting victim to serve on Congressional Gun Violence Task Force January 09, 2013
Almost a quarter of female troops become victims of sex assaults in combat zones December 28, 2012
VA finds sexual assaults more common in war zones December 26, 2012
Gun debate splits California members of U.S. House of Representatives December 18, 2012
Rep. Speier: Connecticut Shooting an 'Unspeakable Tragedy' December 14, 2012
Speier Corps Volunteers to Help at Fun Holiday December 05, 2012
Former San Mateo County supervisor Mike Nevin remembered as big-hearted, 'iconoclast' December 04, 2012
Former supervisor Nevin dies December 03, 2012
Mike Nevin, ex-officer, supervisor, dies December 03, 2012
High profile push against reparative therapy November 28, 2012
Speier introduces "Stop Harming our Kids" resolution November 28, 2012
House resolution would protect LGBT youth from "ex-gay" therapy November 28, 2012
California Congresswoman Takes On 'Ex-Gay' Therapy November 28, 2012
Congresswoman Introduces Resolution Against "Ex-Gay" Therapy November 28, 2012
Military, finances on congresswoman's mind November 27, 2012
Calif. Congresswoman to introduce resolution targeting reparative therapy November 27, 2012
Cyber Monday renews push for online sales tax November 26, 2012
Mayor Cuts the Ribbon at Millbrae Wastewater Treatment Plant November 20, 2012
Accuracy isn’t priority as VA battles disability claims backlog November 10, 2012
Grappling With an Epidemic of Assault October 27, 2012
San Bruno survivors wants CPUC president replaced October 22, 2012
Congresswoman Jackie Speier Inspired by Local Non-profit October 22, 2012
Food gap still high in county October 20, 2012
Obama courts Fil-Ams October 19, 2012
New Hope For War Vets October 18, 2012
Legal victory for county in Lehman case October 17, 2012
US Air Force contacts ex-recruits to encourage sex abuse reporting October 17, 2012
Struggling in job search? Try boot camp October 16, 2012
Rep. Jackie Speier Reports on Efforts to End Sex Assault and Rape in the Military October 12, 2012
Critics charge DOD’s efforts to fight sexual assault lack substance October 11, 2012
Lawmaker: MTI cases show system needs revamping October 05, 2012
Congresswomen push for tougher measures against sexual abuse in military October 05, 2012
Lackland's ‘culture' blamed for scandal October 03, 2012
Air Force responds to sex scandal with policy changes: Lawmaker October 03, 2012
Lackland opens doors to Congress amid sex scandal October 02, 2012
Combating Military Rape October 01, 2012
Soldiers file sexual abuse lawsuit in San Francisco against Leon Panetta, other top military brass September 29, 2012
State leaders hail Caltrain milestone September 29, 2012
Modernization dream now reality September 28, 2012
Beyond the Headlines September 24, 2012
House, Senate lawmakers Working on Compromise Net Sales Tax Bill September 20, 2012
Hill Wants Sex Assault Cases Out of Commands September 20, 2012
Bipartisan House Bill Would Expand Whistleblower Protections to Federal Contractors September 19, 2012
Google Chrome Adds Support for 'Do Not Track' September 15, 2012
Air Force: We understand F-22 problems and fixing them September 14, 2012
House Democrat slams Air Force case for F-22 September 13, 2012
Air Force: We understand F-22 problems and fixing them September 13, 2012
The Enemy Within September 13, 2012
GGNRA seeks fresh start September 13, 2012
Department of Defense airing video messages in effort to fight sexual assaults on soldiers September 07, 2012
Stun gun victim seeks $500,000 from GGNRA September 06, 2012
Calif. law ends tax-free shopping for Amazon.com, other online retailers September 04, 2012
Farm bill sparking crop insurance debate August 21, 2012
U.S. Navy Officials Suppressed Bad LCS-1 Test Results August 16, 2012
Rep. Jackie Speier introduces Veterans Nutrition Bill August 14, 2012
Drought puts federal crop insurance under scrutiny August 13, 2012
Gas Leaks & Repair Delays at PG&E August 13, 2012
McRoskey Mattress Company Hosts Congresswoman Jackie Speier August 10, 2012
Congresswoman Speier’s “Made in America” Tour August 09, 2012
New York City Council introduces resolution on Filipino WWII Veterans July 26, 2012
House Committee Still Sidestepping Hearing on Air Force Sexual Assaults July 26, 2012
Lackland sex scandal to be subject of briefing July 25, 2012
Governor's Delta Plan Draws Critics from Bay Area Representatives July 25, 2012
Speier Advocates Online Sales Tax Bill in Congress July 25, 2012
Lawmakers Open to Internet Sales-Tax Bill July 24, 2012
Lackland Instructor Convicted for Sex Crimes, As Pressure on Congress Mounts July 24, 2012
ATF's Fast and Furious a cautionary tale July 21, 2012
Speier wants House to hold hearing on sex abuse scandal July 20, 2012
Military sex assault victims' PTSD claims neglected, panel told July 19, 2012
Wal-Mart Pushes Web Sales Tax as Washington Clout Grows: Retail July 19, 2012
U.S. House Judiciary Commitee Sets Hearing on Online Sales Tax July 18, 2012
Rep. Speier blasts ‘cancer’ of unaddressed military rapes July 18, 2012
Sexual assault in the military remains rampant in spite of recent court martial July 16, 2012
Members of Congress want more analysis of Bay Delta Conservation Plan process July 16, 2012
Plastic pipe PG&E is removing from Marin considered high risk; miles more of the pipe remains July 16, 2012
Anger grows over GI Bill profiteers July 16, 2012
House Democrats ask court to overturn DOMA July 10, 2012
LACKLAND AFB: Senator wants sex scandal hearing in D.C. July 09, 2012
U.S. Air Force considers training changes after sex scandal July 07, 2012
Travel industry learns to spot human trafficking victims July 06, 2012
Air Force sexual assault victim starts the long road home July 04, 2012
Hutchison backs scandal hearings July 03, 2012
Speier Says More Needs to Be Done to Stop Rape in Military July 02, 2012
House votes to hold attorney general in contempt July 02, 2012
Congresswoman pleads for the House to address issue of rape in the military June 30, 2012
Air Force investigates growing sex-abuse scandal June 28, 2012
Sexual misconduct alleged in Air Force June 28, 2012
Military Sexual Assault Accusers Head to Capitol Hill June 28, 2012
Democrats Walk Off House Floor in Protest of Holder Vote June 28, 2012
Congresswoman Jackie Speier: Obamacare Ruling 'A Victory' June 28, 2012
Attorney General Eric Holder cited by committee June 27, 2012
2 more Air Force trainers charged in growing sex scandal June 27, 2012
Marine Sexual Assault In San Diego County: 76 Reports In 2011 June 27, 2012
Congresswoman calls for further inquiry into Air Force sex scandal June 25, 2012
House bill extends TSA intel sharing to mass transit June 23, 2012
Dem lawmaker on Holder contempt vote: 'Partisanship at its most base level' June 20, 2012
House Committee Votes To Hold Obama AG In Contempt June 20, 2012
House Cites Attorney General Holder For Contempt June 20, 2012
U.S. rep calls for Lackland hearings June 17, 2012
Michigan Rep silenced after saying ‘Vagina’ on Michigan’s House Floor June 15, 2012
Bay Area Officials Praise New Obama Policy On Young Illegal Immigrants June 15, 2012
Between two public servants, Purple Heart-felt admiration June 11, 2012
78th annual San Mateo County Fair arrives Saturday June 08, 2012
Hate the commute? Take a boat June 05, 2012
San Francisco Bay Ferry Inaugurates New Service Between East Bay and South San Francisco June 04, 2012
South San Francisco ferry service ready to serve East Bay June 03, 2012
Veterans services need improved to help those who served June 03, 2012
Congress passes bill requiring VA to reduce backlog of disability claims June 01, 2012
Lawmaker Honored 33 Years Later May 31, 2012
WWII vet gets benefits fixed after complaints of backlog at VA May 28, 2012
Frustrated Bay Area veterans descend on 'Fix-it" event May 22, 2012
In S.F., wounded veterans demand action from VA May 22, 2012
Angry vets demand end to backlog of disability claims May 22, 2012
Frustrated U.S. vets ask for services May 21, 2012
Veterans Complain Of Huge Backlog At Oakland VA Office May 21, 2012
Angry veterans demand end to disability claims backlog May 21, 2012
Veterans wait too long on disability claims May 18, 2012
House Debates Bill That Would Protect Anti-Gay Chaplains May 17, 2012
The Unspoken Battlefield May 17, 2012
Opinion Shop: Fix-it forum for veterans’ disability claims May 17, 2012
Watchdog Report Rekindles Debate Over Littoral Combat Ship May 16, 2012
Veterans incensed over report of overwhelming delays at Oakland VA office May 11, 2012
Corroding Littoral Combat Ship Faces Lawmakers’ Questions May 10, 2012
Littoral Combat Ship Gets Speiered May 10, 2012
House Dems Tweet Reactions to President’s Evolution on Gay Marriage May 09, 2012
Women Arise! to Support New Protections for Pregnant Workers May 04, 2012
Waiting for More Than a Check May 02, 2012
Congresswoman Jackie Speier speaks to SF State seniors about student loan debt May 01, 2012
Blessing of the salmon fleet April 24, 2012
Retired Bay Area News Legend Will Be Missed, Speier Says April 23, 2012
Pentagon response on rape in military not enough April 20, 2012
‘Send Immediate Help’ to Oakland’s VA, Say Bay Area Reps April 19, 2012
Rape victims say military labels them 'crazy' April 14, 2012
From tragedy, hope arises for young chefs April 14, 2012
Paperwork Buries Veterans’ Disability Claims April 14, 2012
Congresswoman Jackie Speier Inspires Padres April 03, 2012
"Ask Her When She's Sober" March 26, 2012
PG&E allegedly ignored gas 'time bomb,' whistleblower says March 24, 2012
Dems Go All In Touting Health Care Reform To Women March 21, 2012
Rep. Speier: ‘Women Will Attain The Position of First Class Citizens’ Under Obamacare March 20, 2012
Speier: 'This is an Unprecedented Assault on Women's Health' March 16, 2012
Women’s Health Forum At SFSU Focuses On Access To Contraceptives March 16, 2012
California Officials Urge PG&E To Replace Potentially Hazardous Gas Pipes March 15, 2012
Why Stopping Rape in the Military Is a Tough Sell March 13, 2012
San Francisco Airport Human Trafficking Prevention: SFO Launches Program March 13, 2012
Curbing trafficking problems March 13, 2012
Congresswoman Speier On Reproductive Rights March 10, 2012
Food-stamps chief defends program in face of charges of 'scandal' March 09, 2012
Rep. Speier: Time for a Cold, Hard Look at the Military Justice System March 09, 2012
Opinion Shop: Fearless fighter in Washington March 09, 2012
Speier named ‘fearless’ March 08, 2012
House Dem abandons Susan G. Komen after Planned Parenthood decision February 01, 2012
DOD sex assault prevention efforts fall short, critics say January 29, 2012
Mercury News editorial: PUC president is the last person who should lead San Bruno probe January 28, 2012
Editorial: Michael Peevey wrong person to rule on PG&E case January 28, 2012
House approves bill to study Buffalo Soldiers national park January 25, 2012
Eshoo, Speier offer praise, criticism January 25, 2012
Pentagon report: Sexual assault in the military up dramatically January 19, 2012
KCBS In Depth: Congressional Wheelings And Dealings January 15, 2012
4 Absurd, Damaging Right-Wing Lies About Food Stamps January 12, 2012
Lawmakers press Homeland Security on Internet monitoring January 12, 2012
Obama signs pipeline safety bill January 03, 2012
House Dem wants West Point leaders fired after rise in sexual assaults January 03, 2012
HUD grant to aid local homeless December 28, 2011
Speier tees off December 21, 2011
Question 21: Making Progress December 19, 2011
Representative from blast-hit California district says bill just 1st step December 18, 2011
Presidential dollar coins shelved December 14, 2011
Jackie Speier coin crusade strikes gold December 13, 2011
Tougher pipeline safety rules approved by House December 13, 2011
‘Diapers’ on holiday wish lists December 12, 2011
Congressional leaders reach agreement on pipeline safety December 08, 2011
Rep.: Sex abuse does not stain entire military December 08, 2011
New Bill Aims To Help Victims Of Military Rape, Sexual Assault December 06, 2011
Lifesaving Truck Safety Rule Under Assault in Congress November 30, 2011
Panetta preparing DOD directive on investigating sexual assaults November 19, 2011
Rep. Speier seeks to create office outside the Department of Defense to investigate, prosecute rape November 19, 2011
Legislation aims to remove rape accusations from military ‘chain of command’ November 19, 2011
Panetta to issue new guidance on dealing with sexual assault November 19, 2011
Democrat Jackie Speier introduces military rape bill November 17, 2011
Lawmaker wants military rape cases shifted to new office November 17, 2011
Speier Introduces Bill to Eliminate Rape in the Military November 17, 2011
Sexual Assault in the Military: New Legislation Seeks to Alter Reporting Process November 17, 2011
Rep. Speier wants new office to investigate military sexual assaults November 17, 2011
Speier bill would protect military rape victims November 17, 2011
Interest Groups Seek to Catch Debt Committee’s Ear November 03, 2011
Congressmembers Take "Food Stamp Challenge," Eating On $4.50 A Day November 02, 2011
Food Stamps: Democrats In Congress Attempt To Eat On $4.50 A Day To Protest Potential Budget Cuts October 31, 2011
Congresswoman goes on food stamp budget to protest potential cuts October 31, 2011
It's Food Stamps for CA Congresswoman Jackie Speier October 31, 2011
Jackie Speier tries living on food-stamp budget October 31, 2011
Rep. Jackie Speier to live on food stamps this week October 31, 2011
Speier and USCIS Reach Out to Citizenship Applicants September 10, 2011
One year later: Are our pipelines really safer? September 09, 2011
Tracked Everywhere: We're Used to It ... But Do We Feel the Same Way About Our Kids?? September 07, 2011
Scars remain for San Bruno survivors September 06, 2011
One year after San Bruno blast: Preparing for worst in pipe system September 04, 2011
Investigators slam PG&E over San Bruno explosion August 31, 2011
San Bruno reforms are likely to be costly August 31, 2011
Casa Sanchez: Built by family August 29, 2011
Lawmaker suggests San Francisco subway agency went 'too far' August 20, 2011
It is rocket science August 15, 2011
Congress: Stop Attacking the EPA August 04, 2011
Appalachian horror: mountaintop mining July 31, 2011
Obama, officials sign DADT certification July 28, 2011
Disabled vets see an employment hot spot in the Bay Area July 27, 2011
Time is running out on Internet companies on online tracking issue July 27, 2011
Burning Question: Should I Use My Browser's Do-Not-Track Setting? July 26, 2011
Kelly-Moore: Made in America July 26, 2011
Ex-PG&E manager says key records possibly trashed July 22, 2011
4,000 Pages released in San Bruno pipeline investigation July 21, 2011
Stanford study shows opting out of Web tracking not so easy July 21, 2011
Congresswomen call on West to apologize for tirade July 21, 2011
Allen West email prompts call for apology from Democrats July 20, 2011
Jackie Speier on coin crusade July 20, 2011
GOP Blocks Cordray, Limits CFPB July 19, 2011
Congress probes pipeline safety regulation July 16, 2011
Speier pushes pipeline safety in House hearing following San Bruno explosion July 15, 2011
Boaters warned off Yellowstone after Exxon spill July 15, 2011
Nobody Wants a $1 Billion Pile of Dollar Coins July 14, 2011
Speier pushes pipeline safety in House hearing following San Bruno explosion July 14, 2011
Bill Would Kill Dollar Coin Program July 14, 2011
Speier irked by debate on debt ceiling July 14, 2011
PG&E seeks to clarify legal position in San Bruno pipeline case July 12, 2011
Independent panel criticizes PG&E for lapses that led to San Bruno pipeline blast June 10, 2011
Calif. pipe that blew had prior leak June 09, 2011
Job seekers urged to network June 08, 2011
Rep. Jackie Speier shares her story at San Jose Chamber of Commerce dinner June 08, 2011
Military should cover abortion for raped servicewomen June 03, 2011
Speier gets prominent post among House Democrats June 01, 2011
Elizabeth Warren Fans Attack Patrick McHenry On Facebook Over Liar Charge May 25, 2011
US DOT Chief: New Pipeline Safety Rules Due In August May 19, 2011
PG&E spending on pipeline repairs was under budget in prior years May 16, 2011
San Bruno blast: Retirees are first to rebuild May 11, 2011
Senator Rockefeller proposes "do not track" bill May 10, 2011
Rebuilding Begins in Ravaged San Bruno Neighborhood May 10, 2011
Lawmakers blast Brisbane company's relocation plan May 09, 2011
Farmers and fishermen unite to restore Delta, stop peripheral canal May 06, 2011
Viewpoints: 'Do Not Track' would protect online privacy May 05, 2011
U.S. Role in Pakistan and Afghanistan Is Coming Under Fire in Congress May 04, 2011
House passes restrictive antiabortion package May 04, 2011
Bay Area legislators relieved, thankful with bin Laden's death May 03, 2011
At Town Hall Meeting, Officials, Residents Look to Turn New Page April 28, 2011
Regulator: PG&E pipe 'assumptions' not good enough April 28, 2011
Job-hunting veterans in San Bruno look to enlist with Tesla April 24, 2011
PG&E's top exec retires April 21, 2011
Eshoo, Speier Vote Against GOP Budget Proposal April 15, 2011
UAFA re-introduced in Congress April 14, 2011
House Committee Passes Bills Prohibiting Federal Jobs, Grants and Contracts to Tax Delinquents April 14, 2011
Budget Battle: Women Under a Bus? April 08, 2011
Book tells of San Jose binational couple and other couples torn apart by immigration law April 07, 2011
A Congresswoman’s Tenacity and Zest for Life April 07, 2011
Residents, Volunteers Honored at Farm Day Luncheon April 06, 2011
Online 'do not track' bill introduced in California Senate April 06, 2011
Feds call on industry to repair aging pipelines. April 06, 2011
San Bruno resident input sought for new pipeline rules April 05, 2011
CPUC hears from San Bruno residents April 05, 2011
Congresswoman Speier remembers the Jonestown Massacre April 05, 2011
San Bruno blast victims describe harrowing fire at CPUC hearing April 05, 2011
Nancy Pelosi says with GOP budget, truth is out: Republicans "don't support family planning" March 29, 2011
Obama outlines Libya objective, leaves questions March 28, 2011
PG&E faces heavy fines March 24, 2011
Respecting Women March 18, 2011
Bill Calls on Schools to Report Bullying of Special Needs Pupils March 17, 2011
Grim report helps launch anti-bullying campaign in defense of disabled March 16, 2011
Calif. utility to face regulators over fatal blast March 16, 2011
Second meeting today on tunnel crossing March 16, 2011
PG&E Missing Some Gas Pipeline Safety Records March 15, 2011
Attacking Tracking: They're Watching You March 15, 2011
Buffalo soldiers in our national parks March 14, 2011
Yosemite Buffalo Soldiers' History Should Be Part of School Curriculums, Jackie Speier Says March 11, 2011
Proposed Bill Would Put Curbs on Data Gathering March 10, 2011
Critics fear hearing will fuel anti-Muslim bias March 10, 2011
Tears and tension at Muslim radicalization hearings March 10, 2011
Report: Pipeline was almost replaced March 09, 2011
Jackie Speier on Peter King's Muslim radicalization hearings: "Racist" March 09, 2011
Congressional hearing on 'radicalization' of American Muslims draws criticism March 09, 2011
Editorial: Will hearing shed light or fan bigotry? March 09, 2011
New documents: PG&E could have replaced doomed line, but said its welds were of no risk to public March 08, 2011
San Bruno Community Welcomes Home An Injured Soldier March 05, 2011
PG&E to give heads-up to people near big gas lines March 04, 2011
San Bruno's fire chief was in dark about pipeline March 03, 2011
PG&E Vows to Install Automatic Shutoff Valves on Peninsula Pipelines March 03, 2011
Feds Call For Reforms After San Bruno Explosion Hearings March 03, 2011
Gas official calls San Bruno explosion 'an anomaly' March 03, 2011
NTSB hearings may lead to changes in gas industry March 03, 2011
"Duration of Fire" Called Inconsequential in PG&E Memo Rejecting Shut-Off Valves March 02, 2011
Federal investigators struggle with how to prevent another San Bruno disaster March 02, 2011
San Bruno blast: Feds seeking PG&E reforms March 02, 2011
PG&E officials grilled about automatic shut off valves March 01, 2011
PG&E rejected safety warning for shut-off valves March 01, 2011
Planned Parenthood funding disappears in House budget February 23, 2011
Speier Reveals Abortion In House Planned Parenthood Debate February 18, 2011
Speier Unveils 'Do-Not-Track' Online Privacy Bill February 11, 2011
Peninsula Congresswoman Wants PG&E To Pick Up The Tab February 05, 2011
Pressure On Four PG&E Gas Lines Running Above Limits, Investigation Into Their Records Ordered February 03, 2011
PG&E ordered to cut gas pressure 20% below limits February 03, 2011
Reason for PG&E's Record-Keeping Delay? 1.25 Million Documents Need to be Reviewed February 01, 2011
Peninsula Rallies to Save Caltrain January 31, 2011
Speier stands tall: ‘Congress on Your Corner’ event honors Giffords January 31, 2011
Speier: PG&E can't find critical pipeline records January 28, 2011
Regulators May Allow PG&E To Pass Pipeline Costs On To Customers January 28, 2011
PG&E's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week January 28, 2011
Speier exhibits leadership, common sense January 28, 2011
Speier: PG&E can't find key records January 28, 2011
Speier, Eshoo: Obama had correct message January 26, 2011
Congresswoman Speier Urges Prosecution of JPMorgan Chase for Illegal Foreclosures on Military Families January 25, 2011
NTSB cites faulty welds in San Bruno blast Read more at the San Francisco Examiner January 21, 2011
NTSB: Segment of Pipeline that Exploded Had Number of Defective Welds January 21, 2011
Lawmakers push PG&E to identify spiked gas lines January 20, 2011
So Much Goodness in One Story: Giving Away a Purple Heart November 30, -0001
Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s Oscar-nominated “Invisible War” has done “more than Congress” to address military rape epidemic, lawmaker says November 30, -0001
Bill would help states copy California program to take guns from criminals November 30, -0001