Washington, DC – Today, 50 members of the Democratic Women's Caucus (DWC) sent a letter to President Trump in response to his disrespectful rhetoric and policies toward women. The letter is sent on the heels of Secretary Pompeo disparaging a well-renowned journalist for doing her job, and President Trump validating this behavior by stating, “you did a good job on her.” Please find the full text of the letter below.

“Dear President Trump:

We are writing this letter in response to your continuing derogation of women in your rhetoric and policies.

‘You did a good job on her. Take her out. Get rid of her. Lock her up. Send her back. Nasty woman. Disgusting. Low IQ. Whack job. Grab ‘em by the pussy.’

‘I can do whatever I want.’

It is most shameful that the words young girls and boys hear directed at women from the upper echelons of power are dripping with disdain and disrespect. Beyond your public policy choices – stripping away women’s access to health care, undermining protections for survivors of sexual assault, reversing equal pay efforts and more – your words demonstrate a contempt for women who dare to do their jobs or speak truth to power which reflects poorly on you. It is as if you relish the opportunity to publicly humiliate any woman who fights back, speaks up, or takes up space.

This letter is of the greatest urgency because the message being sent to young girls and boys is that women don’t matter and their equality is allowable only when convenient. The most recent example of Secretary Pompeo ridiculing a well-respected reporter for asking tough questions –doing her job – is a case in point. Asking a woman with a master’s degree in European Studies from the University of Cambridge to identify Ukraine on a blank map would be laughable were it not so insulting. And your response – validating this misogyny with a “good job” and a pat on the back – says it all.

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, an esteemed career diplomat committed to anti-corruption reforms who you referred to as “the woman” who is “going to go through some things” in your July 25 call with President Zelensky, was yet another casualty. After imploring your associates to “take her out,” you smeared her good name and career for your own personal benefit. 

Mr. President, instead of being the biggest bully on the playground, why don’t you set a moral example for our children?”

The Democratic Women’s Caucus is comprised of all the Democratic women in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Co-Chairs are Reps. Jackie Speier, Lois Frankel, and Brenda Lawrence, and Vice Chairs are Reps. Veronica Escobar and Deb Haaland.

A signed copy of the letter can be found by clicking on the link below.




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