Washington, DC – Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA-14), Chair of the House Armed Services Military Personnel Subcommittee, issued the following statement in response to the Biden Administration’s announcement that it has reversed the previous administration’s ban on transgender servicemembers.

“President Biden’s executive order to reinstate the Obama policy opening the armed forces to transgender individuals serving in their preferred gender corrects one of the most shameful and bigoted decisions of the previous administration and an ignominious chapter in our country’s history. This is the right thing to do for our American values and for military readiness.

The military services need qualified personnel, including our brave transgender servicemembers, who put their lives on the line to defend the homeland and our freedom. We owe them respect and appreciation in return, including respect for their gender identity or expression.

We must make sure that future presidents do not backslide on our values of equality and inclusion, and I intend to add a provision to this year’s defense policy bill to secure a permanent policy of nondiscrimination for our armed forces.”