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Appropriations: FY2010 Requests

This page displays the final projects that Congresswoman Speier has submitted to the House Committee on Appropriations for consideration in Fiscal Year 2010 budget legislation.  Each project the Congresswoman submitted was first reviewed by the 12th District Citizens Oversight Panel.  Below, please find: 1) a report from Panel Chairman Lawrence Lessig on the Panel's final recommendations process; and 2) a list of final requests, including required financial disclosure statements.  

Report from the Citizens Oversight Panel:
Letter from Lawrence Lessig

Final Fiscal Year 2010 Appropriations Requests:
Download Full List of Projects and Descriptions


San Francisco State University - $750,000
for Competency Based Education Training Initiative

Many studies point to the knowledge and skills of early childhood program staff as the cornerstone of high quality early childhood education programs.  By having the capacity to have all early care and education students receive their internships at SFSU, in a high quality environment, with expert mentor teachers, we can assure that the workforce for both San Francisco and San Mateo will meet the highest standards for families and children.  
(view this project's Financial Disclosure Statement)

San Mateo Community College District - $2,000,000
for University Center Consortium

The University Center model efficiently allocates state resources by assigning the first two years to community colleges and the last two a state university.  The center provides opportunities for retraining laid-off workers in new, high demand careers, career advancement opportunities for technical workers, improving transfer rates by providing well-articulated programs, reducing commute time and cost for students and traffic in impacted areas.  
(view this project's Financial Disclosure Statement)

Pacifica School District - $207,987
for Coaching for Equity and Excellence

This project supports coaching of teachers to strengthen their practice to increase student achievement in literacy and mathematics.  
(view this project's Financial Disclosure Statement)

Samaritan House - $200,000
for Safe Harbor House

Safe Harbor Homeless Shelter is a 90 bed emergency homeless shelter located in South San Francisco.  Clients are provided services and resources to assist them with housing, case management, employment assistance, transportation vouchers, computer lab, literacy services, home economics instruction, tenant skill instruction, referrals to legal aid for landlord  /tenant law and victim's rights counseling.  
(view this project's Financial Disclosure Statement)


Human Investment Project Housing - $120,000
for Home Sharing Program

HIP Housing (Human Investment Project) provides information and referral services on four programs: Home Sharing, Self Sufficiency, Reverse Mortgage Counseling services and below market rental housing services.  
(view this project's Financial Disclosure Statement)

Caltrain - $500,000 ($1,000,000)
for Positive Train Control System

The PTC is an integrated signal and communication system that will improve train performance, reliability, and safety while allowing Caltrain to respond to consistent demand for expanded service along the U.S. 101 corridor in the state of California. NOTE: This project was jointly recommended with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (CA-14).  
(view this project's Financial Disclosure Statement)

City / County Associations of Governments of San Mateo County 
- $1,500,000.00 ($3,000,000.00) 
for San Mateo County Smart Corridors 

This project, located along portions of the US101 corridor and including SR82 and local arterial streets, will implement inter-jurisdictional traffic management strategies by deploying integrated Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) elements and providing local jurisdictions the tools to mitigate recurring / non-recurring traffic congestion, improve traffic operations and optimize existing roadway facilities. NOTE: This project was jointly recommended with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (CA-14).
(view this project's Financial Disclosure Statement)


San Mateo County Sheriff's Office - $311,250 ($622,500)
for Emergency Command Vehicle

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s office seeks help to acquire and equip a full-size mobile command vehicle with up-to-date technology.  The mobile command vehicle will assist local emergency responders and law enforcement to address any variety of acts of terrorism, civil disturbances, major crime scenes, S.W.A.T. operations, multi alarm fires and wildfires, major transportation accidents and urban search and rescue operations.  NOTE:  This project was jointly recommended with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (CA-14).  
(view this project's Financial Disclosure Statement)


City of San Mateo - $6,586,750
for South Bayfront Levee Improvements Project

Flood Risk in San Mateo is influenced by tides in the San Francisco Bay, as well as residual flooding from storm water runoff.  This project will provide protection from tidal flooding.  Approximately 3,740 parcels in San Mateo will be removed from current flood upon completion of this project and flood insurance mandates will no longer be required.  In addition, approximately 2,200 parcels in San Mateo as well as 9,064 parcels in the City of Foster City will not be reclassified into a special flood hazard zone. 
(view this project's Financial Disclosure Statement)