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The swearing-in of a new President and Vice President of the United States represents an inspiring time of national revitalization and celebration of the democratic process.

The President and Vice President of the United States will be sworn into office during the 59th Presidential Inauguration on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. This inauguration ceremony will be held on the west front of the U.S. Capitol and managed by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (JCCIC).

The JCCIC, in consultation with diversified public health and medical experts and the Presidential Inaugural Committee, has determined that this global pandemic and the rise of COVID-10 cases warranted a difficult decision to limit the attendance at the 59th Inaugural Ceremonies. Therefore, Members of Congress are not being given any tickets to give out to Constituents. We understand that this may be frustrating news, but it is the best way to keep everyone safe and healthy. The JCCIC is working on enhanced opportunities to watch the ceremony online in addition to the traditional televised national broadcast.

After the ceremony, we will have commemorative ticket bundles and program packets that can be distributed to constituents via a lottery. We are still waiting for guidance on the process for distribution of these items. Please call our office at 202-225-3531 if you wish to be on the list to receive these commemorative items.

Other Inaugural Events

Members of Congress only handle distribution of tickets to the official swearing-in ceremony at the U.S. Capitol. Tickets to all other events must be requested through the respective organizations. The official parade and inaugural balls will be organized by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, a non-profit organization. Please note: the Coronavirus pandemic is surging and the Biden Administration is working hard to keep the celebration as virtual as possible in order to prevent large gatherings and keep people safe and healthy. It is highly anticipated that most of the traditional inaugural events will be modified due to the pandemic. We strongly advise you to heed the advice of public health officials when deciding to travel for the inauguration.

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