Efforts to address airport noise have in large part been propelled by members of the community who have become activists out of necessity. Congresswoman Speier has always championed the power of public engagement, which is why she believes it’s critical to provide constituents with the necessary information and tools to help better understand the issues affecting their community and advocate for change. For those interested in learning more about airport noise, a list of additional reading and resources can be found below.


Airport noise issues as a result of NextGen aren’t only specific to the Bay Area but indicative of a larger national trend. NoiseQuest can be used to find comparative information on airport noise and community resources at airports across the country.

NoiseQuest can be used to find information on airports, airplane operations, noise, and government regulations. NoiseQuest is a Pennsylvania State University website supported by FAA grants.


Fundamentals of Noise and Sound

Community Response to Noise

FAA History of Noise

Who to Contact if You're Impacted by Aircraft Noise

FAA Airport Noise Page: U.S. law, FAA regulations, and other resources


Fact Sheet: NextGen and Performance Based Navigation

Video: NextGen See, Navigate, & Communicate