WASHINGTON, DC -- Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA-14), Chair of the House Armed Services Military Personnel Subcommittee, requested the Defense Department provide data on the number of abortions performed in military medical treatment facilities (MTFs), resulting in the attached report (see below).

DoD numbers show 11 to 21 servicemembers have had abortions at military facilities each year in the narrow circumstances of rape, incest, or the threat to a patient's life.

Chair Speier further notes that women serving in the military experience unintended pregnancy rates 22 percent greater than that of civilians. Many servicemembers are stationed in the 26 states where abortion is quickly becoming illegal and don’t have the financial resources or ability to leave their bases and jobs to travel thousands of miles to a safe state. That is why the congresswoman led her colleagues in the Democratic Women's Caucus and the House Pro-Choice Caucus in the introduction of the MARCH for Servicemembers Act on June 3rd.

The fallout from the Supreme Court's extreme and purely politically-driven Dobbs ruling poses a threat to military readiness as well as potentially criminalizing servicemembers and any providers who help them, and access to this life-saving health care must be expanded at MTFs nationwide.