If you require passport assistance, please download and fill out the form below and contact my San Mateo district office at (650) 342-0300 to speak with a member of my staff.

Passport Assistance Request Form

The U.S. State Department has sole authority for issuing, renewing or replacing a passport. For an application and information, please visit the 
State Department website. If you need help or have questions with the passport application process, feel free to contact my office.

A passport is REQUIRED for all American citizens, regardless of age, when traveling abroad.

A passport is NOT REQUIRED for direct travel within the 50 States (including Hawaii, Alaska and District of Columbia) and U.S. Territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, Swains Island).  However, if you are traveling to a U.S. State or Territory THROUGH another country (i.e. through Canada to Alaska or through Japan to Guam), a passport may be required.