WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA-14) on Wednesday released the following statement in response to a series of tweets made by President Trump threatening to bar transgender military service members from further service.

“Though I am not surprised, I am dismayed and appalled by President Trump’s ignorance to bar transgender individuals from serving in our nation’s military. News flash, Mr. President – thousands of transgender troops already serve our country with pride and dignity. This hateful and discriminatory attack, announced through a series of tweets, is beneath the dignity of your office and on the wrong side of history,” Rep. Speier said. “Our military should be focused on recruiting and retaining the best troops, not on rejecting qualified service members simply because of their gender identity. The President should be focused on job creation, but instead he has created a false military crisis with no evidence to support his claims. I call on the President to immediately reverse this discriminatory, hateful, and unnecessary decision to bar transgender individuals from serving our country.”