Washington, DC -- Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA-14) issued the following statement Saturday, calling President Trump and Congressional Republicans to end the Trump Shutdown.

"This is a Trump Shutdown. It starts at the top. POTUS has abandoned his responsibility and really wants to go to Mar-A-Lago to play golf and to fundraise at a $100,000 per person dinner. And his words in 2013 have come back to bite him, when he said, 'The president is the leader, and he’s got to get everybody in a room and he’s got to lead.' Well, this is indeed historic – never in the history of our republic has the government shut down when one party was in control of both Congress and the White House. Make no mistake – shutting down the government costs more money. They are threatening children’s health and the lives of Dreamers in a feeble attempt to hide their own failure to govern. The GOP has abandoned public service for Mafia tactics. Their only message is – do what we say or we will harm the most vulnerable people in America – children, DACA kids, and retirees." 

"Well, I refuse to give into their threats. I refuse their cruel narrative that we must throw children and Dreamers under the bus. It’s clear that Democrats and a number of Republicans would easily fix both children’s health insurance and Dreamers’ status – if only Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell would let us vote. This is my message to Republican leaders and to the President – governing in a democracy requires negotiation and a willingness to compromise so that both sides have a win. You don’t throw a few crumbs to Democrats and call that negotiation. The President tweets and shouts whatever comes into his mind and has no vision or beliefs beyond whatever is best for him – but that does not absolve you, Mr. President, of the duty to lead. Governing is never easy, but it is impossible when the party in control cowers to its fringe elements and the person in the Oval Office incites chaos by spewing contradictions. It’s time for House and Senate Republicans to be the adults, to do their duty, and to work with Democrats on behalf of all the people who have worked hard to make America fair again."