WASHINGTON, DC - After being made aware of a disgusting and offensive Facebook page called “F’N Wook” that includes hundreds of comments denigrating women in the Marine Corps, Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) sent a letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Marine Commandant James Amos, and Inspector General Lynne Halbrooks to express concern and call for a response.

In the letter, sent today, Congresswoman Speier writes, “The “humor” expressed on this page and similar pages like “Just the Tip, of the Spear,” “U Suckers Missed Christmas – USMC,” and “POG Boot Fucks” contribute to a culture that permits and seems to encourage sexual assault and abuse.”

The PDF includes images that some readers may find offensive.

Congresswoman Speier is committed to ending the epidemic of rape and sexual assault in the military and believes that systemic changes are necessary to increase the prosecutions of sexual crimes. She is the author of three pieces of legislation to change the military justice system’s treatment of cases of rape and sexual assault.

The STOP Act (HR 1593) will take all cases of rape and sexual assault outside of the chain of command by creating an independent office within the military to handle the reporting, investigation, and prosecution of these crimes. The bipartisan bill has 122 cosponors.

The Military Judicial Reform Act  (HR 1079) is a bipartisan bill that will strip commanders of the authority to overturn convictions or lessen sentences handed down by judge or jury at a military court martial.

The Protect Our Military Trainees Act (HR 430) is a bipartisan bill that requires the military justice system to acknowledge the power imbalance between trainer and trainee and strictly penalizes any instructor who engages in sexual acts with a trainee during the time of instruction and for 30 days afterward.

Yesterday, the Congresswoman delivered a passionate floor speech about the arrest of the Air Force’s head of Sexual Assault Prevention and the startling increase in the number of rapes and sexual assaults in the military as reported by the DOD.

Click here to view a copy of the response sent by Gen. Amos to the Congresswoman.