January 14, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-San Francisco/San Mateo Counties) released the following statement today following her appointment to the House Select Committee on Intelligence:
“It is truly an honor to have been tapped to serve on the House Select Committee on Intelligence. I look forward to working on one of our nation’s most pressing issues: protecting our economic and national security against terrorist threats abroad, domestic, and over the internet. The heinous attacks in Paris underscore the fact that a handful of home-grown terrorists can wreak havoc on a nation. Cyber threats run the spectrum, from consumer information stolen to intellectual property and proprietary emails hacked from corporations. We must take this 21st century threat more seriously to protect our nation’s most sensitive information, in the public and private sectors alike.

“Intelligence is crucial for our security, but we must recognize that torture runs contrary to our morals as well as our national security. From the torture report to broad NSA surveillance, it is clear that increased Congressional oversight is needed. I look forward to working with my colleague to ensure our rights and values are not compromised in the name of security. I intend to build on Senator Feinstein’s report and recommendations to ensure we never again torture. The American people should not have to make the false choice of sacrificing their personal information to ensure their safety.”