SAN MATEO, CA - Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D- San Francisco/ San Mateo) today issued the following statement on allegations that some girth welds on natural gas transmission lines may have deficient welds:

“Immediate action is required by the CPUC and PG&E to confirm or to reject the notion that newly tested PG&E pipelines may have been improperly welded, or that corrosion exists in some transmission lines. The filings from two veteran welders who reported these potentially dangerous pipeline conditions to the CPUC require proof positive that the public is not at risk. I for one, won’t accept statements from a private contractor that there is no risk to safety. I have asked the CPUC and PG&E to tell me what they propose to do and when they propose to do it.  This is an unfortunate development in the process of assuring us that transmission lines have been fully tested and deemed safe.”