Washington, DC – Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA-14) issued the following statement.

“The national nightmare is over. President-elect Joe Biden ran on a campaign that confirmed character counts for both the President of the United States and the soul of America. He showed that compassion and critical thinking were the best path forward for our country. With Vice President-elect Kamala Harris making history at his side we can now focus on arresting the deadly and disastrous march of the COVID-19 pandemic. We can focus on building back our infrastructure, economy, and health care by strengthening the Affordable Care Act. We will move forward, toward being a country that the world once again looks to and looks up to as a strong, free, democratic republic that strives to recognize the rights of all Americans to be treated equally and to have the same opportunities to grow, thrive, and succeed. As Chair of the Democratic Women’s Caucus, I’m elated that on the centennial of women’s suffrage Kamala Harris makes history as the first Black and South Asian woman Vice President-elect. A Trump campaign punctuated by racism and misogyny will end with a Black woman in the White House and a bold agenda for women’s equality and dignity. We will heal and we will grow stronger despite the wounds inflicted over the last four years. Because as President-elect Biden so wisely intoned last night, ‘The purpose of our politics isn't to wage total and unrelenting war. It's to solve problems. We may be opponents, but we're not enemies. We're Americans.’ And I would add may God bless America.”