September 11, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Jackie Speier (D- San Francisco/San Mateo) today released the following statement after the President’s speech on Syria:

“In Syria, we are dealing with a ruthless dictator who used chemical weapons on his own people, murdering men, women, and children in a horrific way. This use of chemical weapons demands a strong international response.

“It is time to stand firmly with the President and the Administration as they pursue a diplomatic end to a powderkeg situation. Syria has one of the largest stockpiles of chemical weapons in the world. Our ultimate goal is very straightforward: the dismantling and destruction of that stockpile. The diplomatic course, though neither simple nor quick, is the best path forward to achieving this goal.
“This is not the time to undercut the President’s hand at the negotiating table. Anything that weakens that hand is counterproductive and potentially destructive. The fact is, Syria has finally admitted to having chemical weapons, which is a huge step forward in the diplomatic process. We must seize this opportunity to reach an international solution.”