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November 14, 2013



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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congresswoman Jackie Speier, D- San Francisco/San Mateo/Redwood City, highlighted wasteful defense spending in a segment called “The Price is Wrong” on the House floor Wednesday, November 13, 2013.


Speier stated: “If you think the Department of Defense has stopped wasting money like it used to by purchasing items such as hammers for $436, you are wrong.


“Since 2010, the DOD Inspector General has identified more than $430 million in wasted spending for the purchase of simple spare parts such as a ramp gate roller assembly for a Chinook helicopter that cost about $3.50 at an everyday hardware store. The Army could have purchased the item from its own hardware store, the Defense Logistics Agency, for a little more at $7.71. But the Army went outside the DLA to purchase the item from private contractor Boeing for a staggering $1,678.61,” Speier said.


“This is just one example of how the military allows private contractors fleece taxpayers. There are many more and the Pentagon needs to stop playing games with our money,” Speier continued.


To watch the video of Speier’s floor presentation Wednesday night click here.