WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA-14) released the following statement regarding her vote against the continuing resolution on Monday, the fourth short-term CR proposed since last October.

“This is no way to run the government. I was loathe to see the government shut down, but we are now on our fourth short-term stopgap bill in just four months. As Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis noted in his testimony before Congress last June, our reliance on continuing resolutions has placed our troops at greater risk. I could not in good conscience vote for another bill that fails to plan for the country’s future, undermines troop readiness, guts critically needed community health centers, and fails to secure any commitment from the Speaker of the House on behalf of Dreamers.”

“The budget process has never been an easy one, but it’s always been one that Democrats and Republicans took seriously and understood was our greatest duty to our constituents. We all must remember that duty, and move quickly to pass a bipartisan budget rather than continue to kick the can down the road, at great moral and financial cost to our country.”