Congresswoman Jackie (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) issued the following statement today opposing the attempt by Republicans in the House of Representative to reverse benefits that constituents of the 12th District are currently receiving:

“The attempt to repeal health care reform would hurt the people who need health insurance the most: seniors, children and workers. Some 97,000 seniors in my district would be denied preventive care that health care reform guarantees. Some 11,300 seniors who hit the donut hole each year would be denied the 50% prescription drug brand name discount. This would cost each of these seniors at least an additional $500 this year.

“Some 31,000 children in the district with pre-existing conditions - like asthma, acne, obesity or even devastating conditions like cancer - could again be denied insurance. Some 2,700 young people up to the age of 26 would no longer be allowed to stay on their parents’ plan.

“Over half of the people living in my district purchase insurance through their employer or the individual market. If health care reform is repealed, all of these 472,000 individuals could again be subject to lifetime limits and rescission, industry practices that have been banned under the health care reform. That means that anyone diagnosed with a costly disease – like cancer – could suddenly be refused life-saving medications or treatment when their medical costs hit a ceiling set by their insurance company.I cannot stand for such a reversal of protections.

“We cannot afford to go back to a system that will allow insurance companies to make important decisions about your health based on their bottom line, not your health care needs determined by you and your physician.”