WASHINGTON, DC- Representatives Jackie Speier (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) and Mike Coffman (R-CO) have joined together to launch the Congressional Watchdog Caucus to enhance good government oversight and ensure that federal programs are run properly, taxpayer dollars are spent effectively, and employees are treated fairly.

“Oversight is all about responsible governance, not about scoring political points or shaming public officials,” said Speier who is the founder and Chair of the new Congressional Watchdog Caucus. “Taxpayers rely on us to be good stewards of public funds. They can’t afford wasteful expenditures and neither can the government.”

“As Members of Congress, we are the watchdogs entrusted to investigate waste, fraud, and abuse, and we have the authority to hold leaders accountable for misconduct. The Congressional Watchdog Caucus will support Members and staff in oversight actions and work together to develop strategies for effective investigations,” said Speier.

Congressman Mike Coffman who will serve as the Co-Chair of the Watchdog Caucus said, “There are many people and organizations interested in good government; this caucus will allow us to coordinate and leverage efforts, across the country, to monitor, report on, and conduct oversight of federal spending and federal activities.”

“It’s our responsibility to watch over the federal government and make sure the money our citizens send to Washington isn’t wasted. Our families need to know their taxes are being wisely spent,” said Coffman.

The Congressional Watchdog Caucus website includes valuable oversight tools including an annotated directory of governmental resources such as the Congressional Research Service, Government Accountability Office, Congressional Budget Office and Inspectors

General. It also includes information for members of the general public who want to learn more about good governance and important resources for whistleblowers who are prepared to expose suspected violations by a government manager or contractor.

Visit the user-friendly, public website at:  www.Speier.House.gov/watchdogcaucus

Read more about the Watchdog Caucus and the need for Congress to practice strict government oversight in this joint op-ed published in today’s Politico.