SAN MATEO, CA - Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) issued the following statement on LGBT Pride Month:

“Forty-four years ago, demonstrators at Stonewall set in motion the modern LGBT civil rights movement. Thirty-five years ago, Harvey Milk made history as the first openly gay man elected to political office in the United States. We have made tremendous strides towards equality in this country and we have much to celebrate this year: The record number of states and countries recognizing marriage equality; the full integration of our armed forces; the inevitable demise of the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act and California’s shameful Proposition 8, perhaps as early as the end of this month.

“Pride Month is about the present and the future—a statement of faith and determination that LGBT people and their allies will continue fighting and winning the battle for full civil rights. While twelve states now recognize marriage equality, we will not rest until equality is realized nationwide. We will not rest until we have enacted a long-overdue federal ban on job discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity, as well as an immigration policy that includes LGBT families.

“Pride is also about our past. Each of us owes a debt to the pioneers of LGBT civil rights, whose work has brought this country closer to the justice and liberty it has always promised. Pioneers such as the late Jeanne Manford of Daly City, the founder of Parents, Families, Friends and Allies United with LGBT People, or PFLAG, who demonstrated the power of supportive families and straight allies. We should take strength and inspiration from these early activists—courageous individuals who often lost careers, families, and even their lives—as we celebrate the ongoing realization of their dream.”