Washington, DC -- Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA-14), co-chair of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Congressional Caucus, issued the following statement in response to Pakistan’s efforts to extend its blasphemy and anti-Ahmadi laws beyond its border, including issuing notices to US citizens.

"I’m deeply concerned by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority’s (PTA) efforts to target the global Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, including U.S. entities and representatives, for exercising their right to freedom of religion. Despite Pakistan’s longstanding promises to protect human rights and preserve religious freedoms, the Government’s legal actions against foreign entities demonstrate a troubling inclination to extend its problematic blasphemy and anti-Ahmadi laws beyond its borders. Furthermore, the lack of transparency in ongoing cases further delegitimizes Pakistan’s claims and casts doubt on its ability to uphold judicial integrity. I call on the Government of Pakistan to cease its actions against the global Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and commit to protecting religious liberties and beleaguered communities," Rep. Speier said.